Listing Services

There are a number of services available for marketing your farm or ranch property:

1. MLS® System Listings- Use the national MLS® system to expose your property to Buyers on the website and access all REALTORS® who may have clients looking for your type of property.

2. In-House Exclusive Confidential Listings- You choose how much or little your property is exposed to the public. If privacy is a concern, I can expose it confidentially to my list of qualified Buyers only.

3. For Sale by Tender Campaigns- An aggressive marketing campaign is conducted to expose your property to as many potential Buyers as possible. They have a limited time to make their best offer possible. Then, you choose which of the multiple offers you would like to accept. This process gives all potential Buyers the same opportunity to make an offer.


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Property Valuation (Letter of Opinion of Value)

I provide a highly detailed and comprehensive Letter of Opinion of Value for farms and farmland. Various statistical methods based on comparable sales are used to arrive at a value.

Letters of Opinion of Value have been written for the purposes of:

  • Estate Valuation

     - assists the Executor/Administrator in probating an estate

     - assists a landowner when creating or updating a will

  • Financial Statements

     - updating business balance sheets

  • Bank Financing

​     - select financial institutions will recognize a Realtor’s® Letter of Opinion of Value for lending purposes